АМС осигурање а.д.о.

ПИБ: 100000563

МБ: 17176471

Тел. 011 3084 900

Факс: 011 3084 902

E-mail: info@ams.co.rs

Сајт: www.ams.co.rs


"AMS Osiguranje" a.d.o. Beograd was established in 1998 and its name and status are based on reliable non-life insurance products tailored to the needs of its clients.

Widespread sales network, promptness in solving claims, professional personnel and professional attitude towards clients are some of the characteristics that this insurance company is known for. Its personnel structure is made of experts from different fields who maximally contribute to the successful and quality performance of insurance business.

"AMS Osiguranje" a.d.o. offers the potential clients the possibility of concluding a policy of non-life insurance at over 250 points of sales across Serbia.

The largest individual shareholder "AMS Osiguranje" a.d.o. is the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia.

Chief Executive Officer of  "AMS Osiguranje" a.d.o. is Dejan Jevtic.