On the ASI website enabled search correspondent agreements database

On the ASI website enabled search correspondent agreements database

As of 15th july 2014 all interested persons are able to search the correspondent agreements database within the "Services” section of the official website of the ASI, in order to obtain information on domestic insurance companies authorized to perform, on behalf of selected foreign companies, the processing and payment of damages on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, when the damage appertaining to automobile liability insurance was incurred by vehicle with foreign vehicle registration codes.

This primarily enables domestic and foreign entities/persons, in case they suffer damage incurred by motor vehicle with foreign registration, to exercise their rights in a more transparent, prompt and complete manner, by being able to check at any time to which national insurance company they may address in order to report the damage and exercise their rights.

The activated search service makes it possible to perform, on the selected date of accident, search of active correspondent agreements and to check whether at that moment there is a domestic insurance company, an appointed correspondent, which is authorized to receive claim, process it and pay the damage on behalf and for the foreign company with which the motor vehicle which caused the road accident is insured. The service is on the following link.

When there is no appointed correspondent, or in case of service failure, or when damaged person decides to exercise the rights by using other legal methods, as well as when there is a need for additional information or professional assistance, interested persons are welcome to address the Association of Serbian Insurers, Green Card Bureau (http://uos.rs/kontakt-rs/)