UOS Association of Serbian Insurers

DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o. Novi Sad

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PIB: 101633677

MB: 08194815

Tel: +381 (0) 21 4886 000

Fax: +381 (0) 21 6624 821

E-mail: ddor@ddor.co.rs

Web: www.ddor.co.rs


The Joint Stock Insurance Company “DDOR Novi Sad” is one of the biggest insurance companies in Serbia, with over 67-year-old tradition. It is engaged in all types of insurance, and has over 900,000 clients at the moment. With over 1,400 employees and a network of 23 branch offices, 16 sub-branch offices, 25 local offices and 27 operating units distributed in 8 regions, it is available to citizens across Serbia.

Since January 2008 it has been operating as a member of the “Fondiaria-SAI” group, which is one of the leaders in insurance domain in Italy. Since the second part of 2012 “Fondiaria-SAI” has been part of a merger, which shall result in the formation of insurance company “Unipol-SAI”.

A responsible approach to local and broader community is embedded in company operations.

Company Head Office is located in Novi Sad, 8 Mihajla Pupina Blvd.

The General Director of “DDOR Novi Sad”, Giorgio Ambrogio Marchegiani, is also company’s legal representative.