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Generali reosiguranje Srbija a.d.o.

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PIB: 100001183

MB: 17308513

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2220 555

Fax: +381 (0) 11 2011 789

E-mail: reosiguranje@generali.rs

Web: www.generali.rs

Joint Stock Reinsurance Company "Generali Reosiguranje Srbija" Belgrade, carries out reinsurance activities in the country and abroad. Founded in 2000, the company is a connection between the companies "Generali osiguranje Srbija" Belgrade and "Generali osiguranje Podgorica" with the selected reinsurers in the world market.

In 2010 and 2011, "Generali Reosiguranje Srbija" has also performed reinsurance activities of "Jahorina osiguranje", one of the partners operating in the insurance market of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Generali Reosiguranje Srbija" strives to provide reinsurance in the country prior to sales in foreign markets, taking into account the height of liability limit, possible consequences of possible catastrophic damage that could jeopardize the operation of the local reinsurance market and the required level of security when taking risks.

The goal of "Generali Reosiguranje Srbija" to be able to always respond to market demands in new product development by using international contacts and experience of employees and foreign partners, as well as major shareholder.

The General Manager of the Company "Generali Reosiguranje Srbija" is Bosko Petrovic.