UOS Association of Serbian Insurers

Grawe osiguranje a.d.o.

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PIB: 100000161

MB: 17157051

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2092 600

Fax: +381 (0) 11 2092 661

E-mail: office.beograd@grawe.rs

Web: www.grawe.rs



"GRAWE osiguranje" has been operating in Serbia since 1997, as the first insurance company in the market with foreign capital. With its results, "GRAWE osiguranje" occupies a position among the leaders in the field of life insurance in the Serbian market, achieving significant results in the field of non-life and property insurance.

"GRAWE osiguranje" stands out as a traditional company that also can be set aside in the market as a good example of modern corporate governance with the modern way of doing business. By doing responsible business in the society, the Company achieves a balance between economic and social interests, open to the citizens of Serbia, with high awareness and commitment in the appearance on the market. Well set organization, quality development plans, good business strategies and professional staff constantly being invested in, ensure further progress and efficiency.

The General Manager of "Grawe osiguranje" is Christoph Czettl.