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Merkur Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade


PIB: 105046005

MB: 20301902

Tel: +381 (0) 11 7852 727

Fax: +381 (0) 11 7852 728

E-mail: office@merkur.rs

Web: www.merkur.rs

Merkur Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade was founded in Serbia in 2007 as a Greenfield investment and a subsidiary of the corporation Merkur Versicherung AG from Graz, the oldest insurance company in Austria with its more than 200 years long business tradition. Merkur Insurance has managed to establish itself in the insurance market and to be recognized as a quality and successful Company trusted by more and more clients since the beginning of its business operations in Serbia. 

This company is people-oriented and in its offer provides insurance protection for values than mean the most to people, life and health, and in this way is recognized in the market. The greatest emphasis is placed on the development of life insurance with coverage of high-risk diseases, which guarantee the optimum form of insurance coverage. In addition to life insurance, the offer intended for clients includes the supplemental insurances, insurance against the consequences of accidents and serious diseases, as well as the insurance in case of need for surgical intervention. 

Orientation to quality services, development of products that meet the needs of the policyholders, quality development plans, constant innovations and improvement of business methods are guarantees for further progress and efficiency.

The Executive Director of Merkur Insurance a.d.o. Belgrade is Miodrag Kvrgić.