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PIB: 100002516

MB: 17407813

Tel: +381 (0) 11 3644 801

Fax: +381 (0) 11 3644 889

E-mail: office@sava-osiguranje.rs

Web: www.sava-osiguranje.rs



„SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE“ a.d.o. Beograd, operating for over four decades, became a part of Sava Re Group 10 years ago. 

The large number of changes and diversities has contributed to the improvement of business process, increased range of insurance products and to a number of other Company’s positive characteristics. The greater stability and reliability of the Company has provided for more quality and variety of economic protection from the number of surrounding risks.

SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE is a member of SAVA RE Group consisting of ten more Insurance Companies and their subsidiaries. The Group employees close to 3.000 people within the territory of former Yugoslavia. It represents one of the largest Groups in the South-Eastern Europe with the gross premium of close to 500 billion euro. 

SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE offers large number of packages for property insurance providing the insured, legal entities and persons, security and economic protection from damages and economic disturbances when certain risks and insured events occur. SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE currently owns close to 30 business offices in cities of Serbia and cooperates with large number of partner brokerage companies authorized to offer and conclude insurance contracts. 

SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE, during the period of its longstanding business activities, has gain the status of a reliable partner of large number of companies and citizens aiming above all towards quality services, mutual trust and insured satisfaction. 

The chairman of the Executive board of SAVA NON- LIFE INSURANCE а.d.о. Bеоgrаd is Milorad Bosnić.