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Sava životno osiguranje a.d.o.

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PIB: 105893619

MB: 20482443

Tel: +381 (0) 11 3643 610

E-mail: zivotno.osiguranje@sava-zivot.rs

Web: www.sava-zivot.rs


"Sava životno osiguranje" is a joint stock insurance company, based in Belgrade. The Company is 99.99% owned by the reinsurance company “Pozavarovalnica Sava” d.d. (Sava Re) from Ljubljana and belongs to "Sava re Group".

"Sava Re Group" consists of insurance companies from the territory of former Yugoslavia: "Sava", "Maribor", "Tilia" (Slovenia), "Velebit" (Croatia), "Sava Montenegro" (Montenegro), "Sava Tabak" (Macedonia), "Iliria Life" (Priština). In Serbia, we are represented in 22 towns, in all regions…

The business of “Sava životno osiguranje” is based on the synergy of program, human, material and technological possibilities within the company Pozavarovalnica Sava d.d., but with its own development of values, objectives and unparallel mission and vision of the company. “Sava životno osiguranje" is a reliable company that provides security to the individual.

The Executive Director of the company "Sava životno osiguranje" is Bojan Mijailović.