UOS Association of Serbian Insurers



PIB: 107406002

MB: 20795859

Tel: 021 481 3344 

Fax: 021 481 1362

E-mail: office@sogaz.co.rs


The insurance company SOGAZ a.d.o. Novi Sad was founded in January 11th 2012 and it is the first Serbian-Russian insurance company in the Republic of Serbia. Shareholders the insurance company SOGAZ ado Novi-Sad are: SOGAZ Insurance Group (Moscow) - 51% and Srbijagas - 49% of the capital.

The insurance company SOGAZ a.d.o. Novi Sad is focused on insuring the corporate sector and provides insurance protection for companies and corporations from various spheres of industry: energy, construction and others.

The company is focused on the development of the market of property insurance, in accordance with international standards.

Shareholder SOGAZ Insurance Group (Moscow) is one of the participants in the Russian insurance market with the fastest development. Secure and stable development of the Group is the basis of its high capitalization.

JP "Srbijagas" is a company for transportation, distribution, storage and trade of natural gas. The leader of the Serbian gas market, today is a modern gas company whose strength consists of tradition and decades of experience, considerable human and material resources, knowledge of the personnel and commitment to promote and develop gas infrastructure as well as and to connect Serbia with neighboring countries.

General Manager of the company SOGAZ a.d.o. Novi Sad is Mr. Evgeny Naletov.