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UNIQA osiguranje

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UNIQA životno osiguranje

PIB: 100000426

MB: 17192787

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2024 100

Web: www.uniqa.rs

UNIQA neživotno osiguranje  

PIB: 104990662

MB: 20289414

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2024 100

Web: www.uniqa.rs


"UNIQA Austria Group" is a leading insurance group in the Austrian market and one of the biggest in Europe. Although it has been operating under the name "UNIQA" for 13 years, the company’s operations have been successfully implemented for 150 years. "UNIQA" is active in all areas of insurance. "UNIQA" Group is a company with a strong international orientation and currently, as majority or partial owner, is present in 21 European markets.

Currently, "UNIQA" employs over 22.000 associates and exclusive partners, who have concluded more than 18.5 million insurance policies throughout Europe. According to the “Shareholding Performance Index” of the Consulting Company "MERCER OLIVER WYMAN", "UNIQA" is the strongest insurance company in Europe in terms of investment return. For a number of years, "UNIQA" has been given "A" rating by “Standard and Poor’s”, the most admired global organization for the assessment of strength of financial institutions.

"UNIQA" has been present in Serbia for five years, from November 7, 2006, and performs all types of insurance operations. Since entering the Serbian market, "UNIQA" has recorded steady growth, thanks to international experience and stable operations in all markets in Europe and Serbia. It is among the top five leading insurance companies in Serbia. With its products for all types of insurance, appropriate and accessible to every citizen of Serbia, the company guarantees high quality and best service.

In accordance with the provisions of Insurance Law, "UNIQA" in Serbia has separated the operations of life insurance from non-life insurance.

The legal representatives of "UNIQA životno osiguranje" are Executive Director Franz Weiler and Executive Director Gerald Muller. 

The legal representatives of "UNIQA neživotno osiguranje" are Executive Director Gordana Bukumirić and Executive Director Siniša Nišić.  

President of the Executive Committee for both companies is Franz Weiler.