UOS Association of Serbian Insurers

Wiener städtische a.d.o.



PIB: 102608229

MB: 17456598

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2209 901

Fax: +381 (0) 11 2209 900

E-mail: office@wiener.co.rs

Web: www.wiener.co.rs



"Wiener Städtische osiguranje" was founded in 2003, as a “Greenfield investment” of Austrian insurance group "Vienna Insurance Group".

The Company provides high quality insurance services in both segments – general insurance and life insurance. European business standards that are embedded in the offer have brought a new quality to the Serbian insurance market – modern European insurance, tailored to the needs of clients.

Security is guaranteed by the Company’s conservative investment, where business risks are reduced to a minimum.

The availability of insurance products of "Wiener Städtische osiguranje" throughout Serbia is allowed by the extensive network of offices in 39 towns and over 1.000 employees in the territory of entire Serbia.

The legal representatives of "Wiener Städtische osiguranje" are Executive Director Ljubica Vujačić, Executive Director Svetlana Smiljanić, Executive Director Slobodan Zečević, Executive Director Zoran Blagojević and General Manager Branko Krstonošić.