On the night between Sunday and Monday, October 19, 2020, the obligation to have a green card when entering Bosnia and Herzegovina by motor vehicle ceases to apply. The same principle will apply to vehicles with license plates of Bosnia and Herzegovina entering the Republic of Serbia. To cross the border, in both directions, a table with the registration marks of the country in which the car is registered will be enough, the Association of Insurers notes.

This means that Bosnia and Herzegovina has been admitted to the Multilateral Agreement, and that by publishing it in the Official Gazette of the European Union, the Council of Europe defined October 19 as the date of implementation of the new system of crossing the border by motor vehicle without the need for a green card. The registration plate is sufficient proof that the vehicle has insurance coverage.

Through the work of the Association of Insurers, Serbia has become a member of the Multilateral Agreement since 2012, which allows citizens owners or users of motor vehicles with Serbian license plates to travel with their vehicles to most of the Green Card System, which now counts, without any additional documentation, costs or controls. thirty-four countries.